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Demo 1.0

2015-01-19 06:45:34 by supersonicgp456


2014-06-04 12:15:54 by supersonicgp456

This is a screen shot of the movie I'm making, and I think that Im really improving :D


I have canceled Sonic The Lost Frontier so I can start this project: Sonic Adventure Light speed DX! Logo made by me.4702786_139100264642_Untitled-1.png

Hello everybody!

2013-12-18 13:18:03 by supersonicgp456

Just wanted to say that Sonic The Lost Frontier#3: Character bios is now released!


2013-09-10 22:38:46 by supersonicgp456

Episode 2 has already been released check it out:
I will stop animating for month or tow so episode 3 will take some time.